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Julianne KelschI was born in 1987 and raised on a mountaintop outside of Park City, Utah. My childhood can pretty much be described as magical. I spent most of my summers outside – making mud pies as a child and hiking the surrounding mountains when I got older. Winters turned the mountain into a wonderland. Countless hours slid by while I kept busy, digging tunnels in the 4′ snow drifts in front of my house and sledding down my grandparents perfect sledding hill. To get anywhere you had to wade through 3′ of snow, or walk along the 10′ tall hills of snow that were thrown up by the plow. Winter completely transformed my world.

Education was an important part of my life, mostly because I love to learn. I’ve always loved to learn. I was taught to read when I was four and haven’t stopped since. When I was ten my favorite activity involved a book, a La-Z-Boy, and, if I was lucky, Christmas lights and snow flakes. For a good six months of the year, I was lucky. The rest of the time I just read anytime, anywhere. I would devour books over and over. In fact, I still read my favorite books multiple times a year just so I can revisit my old friends.

I tried writing my first novel when I was eleven. I took the idea spun by C.S. Lewis, of children going through a magical portal into another land, and attempted to write an adventure story, with my friends and I starring as the main characters. Lovely idea, terrible execution. I couldn’t get it right. In my eleven-year-old head, it was terrible. So while I wrote excellent essays and loved creative writing in high school, I never believed I could write a novel.

After my second child was born, I picked up the pen and started writing. The act was done out of a need to fill a void. My life was missing something and I didn’t know what it was. I found the missing piece when I started writing. What I discovered was that I had a passion inside and it had never been ignited. I realized that I mattered and that I could be a mom and still be me. It was wonderful and I haven’t stopped since.

Six years later, I have one completed novel – Where Shadows Dwell – and multiple novels in the works. I have been freelancing for more than five years now, and have really gotten the chance to find my voice and polish my craft. It’s been a fantastic learning curve, but now I’m ready for the next step.

My hope is that my words will speak to people in such a way that they see something incredible in themselves. If I can ignite their own spark and help them down their journey of finding who they are and discovering the light in their world, then I have done something right.


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