Finding Your Why

Writing and publishing my novels is a dream I have for my life. Actually, dream isn’t an accurate term because then it sounds like it’s a hope or something that will always be in the future. Publishing my novels is a goal, one that I am creeping up on.

When I started writing I had a vision of what I could accomplish. As I continued forward that vision shifted and altered. It became less of a ‘how can I get published’ conversation to more of a ‘how can I make a difference’ conversation. In so doing I have shifted my reasons for what I do, but not the end goal. Basically, I discovered my ‘why’. I am writing this blog post as an invitation for all of you to discover what your ‘why’ is. Why do you write? Why do you sing? Why do you have children? Why do you do what you do? Look at your dreams. Why that dream? What do you want to accomplish with it? What’s so great about it? These questions are all there to help you connect with what you are doing.

The Importance of Vision

When you first see the vision of what your world can be or what you can experience by pursuing a particular goal, you get very excited. You’re thrilled to bits and you can’t wait to get started. So you start. Halfway through you bog down. Two months later you’re done with that goal and you move on. You were initially excited and then you let it go.

What happened?

The answer to that lies in the ‘why’. The thing that got you started in the first place was your excitement to try something new and different. You thought it would be fun. You thought it would be easy. You thought it would be this wonderful experience that had such great payoffs. When the excitement hit, did you discover a ‘why’ for yourself, or did you just run with the passion?

A prime example of somebody following a why is Gandhi. That man had a huge ‘why’ for what he was doing. His ‘why’ was freedom for the people in his country, and it was a passion that couldn’t be curbed. He was thwarted every time he took a step forward. He fought the government, he fought the people around them, he was beaten, imprisoned, persecuted. His people fought each other. Many of them were killed in a massacre. But his ‘why’ never wavered. He kept going even though everything around him said this was never possible.

The Importance of Why

Can you see why it’s so important to have a reason behind what you’re doing? Every time we set a goal, we create something new in our future. It will only come to fruition if we keep taking actions that will bring that goal toward us. Sometimes, those actions move us forward, sometimes they move us backwards, and sometimes we get downright scared and stop. I can guarantee you that every successful person, every person living their dreams or seeing their goals fulfilled, has moments where they are terrified to move forward. They all have moments where they are convinced that what they want will never happen. They get discouraged, they burn out, they get stressed, they get scared, their family encourages them to stop, people around them tell them it’s impossible. Every time that happens, you can choose to continue moving toward your goals or you can stop. If your why isn’t big enough, you’ll stop.

I recommend asking yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing?

For me, I have seen the power of words. I know that they make an impact. I know when reading people often discover something new about themselves. My why is people. Why do I write? Because I want to make a difference. What is my goal? To empower people in their lives.

So I ask again. Why do you do what you do? Is your why bigger than the reasons stopping you? If it isn’t, make it bigger, make it bigger than yourself, your circumstances, and your life because that will be what drives you forward.



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