Navigating the World of Crowdfunding

I’ve decided to fund my novel using a Pubslush crowdfunding campaign. I’ve chosen Pubslush because they are exclusively for literary projects. I like that the entire company is committed to funding for the written word. I’ve been meaning to create a crowdfunding campaign for quite some time, but every time I go to do it I stop myself. My excuses include:

  • The book cover isn’t perfect
  • I don’t have a book trailer (still don’t, but I will)
  • I don’t have music to make a book trailer
  • I don’t have pictures for my book trailer
  • Should I buy pictures, or make them myself?
  • For that matter, should I just compose a song for the book trailer? That could work
  • Oh and I don’t know how to market it
  • I’ll just create the campaign and it will sit there

Basically, all of these boil down to fears cleverly disguised as excuses. What is really happening is I am worried that I’ll fall flat on my face, get absolutely no support, and be back at square one, knowing now that I can’t market anything. Could it happen? Absolutely. Does that mean I have to stop if it does? Definitely not.

If I bomb, I start over. If I succeed and get the funding, hooray! I move forward with publishing. Either way, I am getting this book published. And marketed. And then another will follow, and another. Because I’m a writer and I can’t help but write. That’s the funny thing. I seriously get a writing itch and if I’m not writing fiction when I get that itch, I’ll get cranky and feel like escaping into a hole while I get my stories out on paper. And believe you me, those stories are getting written. Oh yes. This is happening. So, crowdfunding. Here I come. Wish me luck!


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