The Birth of Where Shadows Dwell

Where Shadows Dwell began one day when I decided that I could write. I could write a novel. I knew I could. I’d always wanted to write a novel, but had told myself that I couldn’t do it, that I didn’t know what I was doing or where to start. Something changed that day and the dreams I had buried became possible.

I began writing.

I didn’t wait for inspiration. I didn’t wait for a story idea. I sat down, stuck my fingers on the keyboard, turned on a little bit of music, and I listened. After a minute, the story started flowing. It was a small start, just a scene between a man and a woman meeting on the edge of a stream. Very minor, but I had a base, I had something to build on.

Over the next five months I built on that scene. It became the third chapter in my book. Five months later, it was complete. I had done it. I had written a novel.

Fast forward six years and I am just now getting it published. You’re probably wondering why, so I’ll tell you. I was afraid. I was afraid to move forward and face the possibility of failure. I was afraid to move forward and face the possibility of success. I wanted my dreams fulfilled, but I didn’t know what would happen when I got them complete, so I didn’t move toward them.

I let fear stop me dead in my tracks.

But this six years has been good. My story has evolved. I’ve rewritten it over and over, perfecting every word, defining character traits, getting intimately associated with my characters so I know exactly who they are. This six years of waiting has been my time to learn all that I can about my chosen craft. It’s been the opportunity for me to really look and asked myself, ‘Do I want this?’ And believe me, I have asked.

Yes, I want this.

Writing is a driving force inside me that I can’t stop or let go of. I love it. I love discovering new people that live in my mind and seeing new worlds that I can put onto paper. I love the power of the written word. I love the hope that somewhere somebody might be touched by something I wrote.

I believe words have an incredible power to touch the most intimate parts of who we are and help us discover the greatness waiting inside. I love it. I love everything about it. I am that person that walks down the book aisles and strokes the books simply because I love them. I’m the giddy girl that sees an author at Costco and can’t resist talking to them and buying their book simply because they are doing what I dream of doing.

Words and I, we are the best of friends. I intend to keep it that way.


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