The Meaning in Life is to Find Our Gift…

Have you ever wondered why you’re here? What is the point of coming to this earth to live out an existence, fight for survival, carve out a living, only to die and have it all mean nothing in the end? Or does it mean everything in the end? I asked myself these questions for a long time. When I started writing, I got a vision of something bigger than myself, and slowly I found the answer I was looking for.

When you look at your life now, how does it look? Do you wake up in the morning, open your eyes, and wish you were back in your dreams? Do you drag yourself out of bed, plop your feet into slippers, sit on the edge of your bed and try not to think of all the things you don’t want to do that day? Or do you wake up bright eyed and ready to take on the world? You spring out of bed, hit the ground running, and turn every day into an adventure? That’s the difference between a life of passion and a life without passion, a life of meaning and a life without meaning.

Love OneselfFor me, the meaning in life is to find our gift. Everybody has something they’re passionate about, something they love, something that can ripple out and impact the world. What is it for you? Personally, I believe it’s worth discovering for yourself. Finding that one thing that lights you up, the thing that generates so much passion you can’t help but pursue it, takes life from ordinary to extraordinary; discovering the meaning in life opens up your life to incredible things, and what you discover will be an incredible gift.

When I say passion or meaning in life, I only mean that you must find something you love, some dream or goal for your life that lights you up. And it needs to be bigger than yourself. Writing is a passion of mine, but it became so much more when I began asking myself why I loved it so much and what I wanted to do with it. That’s when I discovered my true gift. Because writing is a tool, a method I am using to express myself and to impact the lives of others. My true gift isn’t the written word. It’s in being a person capable of impacting the lives of others in my own unique way. Whatever gift you posses, it’s a gift that will help you make a difference. Which leads me to my next point.

…The Purpose is to Give it Away

Once you find those things about yourself that bring you passion, you discover the meaning of life, you discover who you really want to be, your next step is go give it away. Because life isn’t about gaining, gaining, gaining. It’s about service. It’s about existing in such a way that the lives you cross are impacted for the better. Is that always possible? No. But can you imagine how the world would look if the entire populace approached life not as a drudgery, but as an opportunity for growth, love, expansion, and service? That’s what you’re giving away. You give away all that you are in the hopes that by doing so you and the people around you gain more.

Discovering this for myself requires a context shift. I had to stop looking at myself and start looking at others. This was an interesting experience because before I could start looking at others, I had to look at myself. It sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s reality. You can read that experience in my post The Virtue of Selfishness. Love thy neighbor as thyself is one of my favorite bible quotes. It took me a long time to understand what it meant, but I think I do now. In loving yourself, you are then capable of loving your neighbor. In looking at myself and finding my value, I was then capable of looking at others and seeing their value. Love yourself so you can love others. Be yourself so other’s can be themselves. Get it? That’s how you give it away. That’s why the meaning in life is to find your gift (you), because you can then fulfill on the purpose of life, which is to give the gift away.


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